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Fast, Safe, Reliable and Courteous Delivery with 24/7 Dispatch to Boot!

We are a very experienced, excited, energised and focused team of professionals that provide flatdeck transportation services throughout the Western Canada Region. Specializing mainly in the delivery of steel products, we ensure a tight and constant communication bond between our drivers and our expert dispatch group so at any time, night or day, we can plan new jobs and provide up-to-the-minute reporting for active deliveries, 24/7, 365 days a year.


Sounds easy doesn’t it. Well, it is pretty easy for us. That’s because we have a solid 25 years of experience behind us and during that time, we continually develop and improve our processes to ensure we are the best we can be.


Our drivers are instructed from day one that it’s not good enough to get a load hauled from one location to another on time. It must to be done with professionalism; it must be done safely for all parties; it must be done following all the rules and regulations of the road and it must be done showing a good positive attitude towards all they encounter.


Q C Transport is truly into Quality Control and Quality Care!

No person or organization is perfect; however, striving for perfection is a key component for Q C Transport. It has to be since it’s right in our name. When challenges arise, we attack them immediately and head-on. We do our very best to ensure that no matter what happens out there, we overcome the problem and find solutions to ensure our Customers get what we promised. Once we have overcome the challenge, we discuss what can be done to ensure this challenge is avoided in the future. All is documented and implemented as policy so we don’t repeat the challenges of the past.


Ensuring quality in an organization is not just about having a process; it’s about having engaged people understanding how the process works and ensuring the end goal is achieved. Q C Transport will achieve its success only after our Customers and Staff are successful.

Tired of the Same Old Same Old? And Whose Horn is it Anyways?

Almost every Company’s web site you go to these days starts with the words “We are the Leading Providers of this, that and the other thing”. We find it very difficult to believe that every firm is the “Leading Provider” of their craft. And what are they leading in anyways? Revenues? Profit? Service? Reliability? Safety? So literally millions of companies are not telling the truth right off the get go. What’s up with that?


We at Q C Transport don’t make unfounded, unproven, broad-brush statements about our business. We prefer to have our Customers provide informed and accurate information about the level of service we provide so you won’t find us providing unproven statements regarding our Company. Every company thinks they are great and we are not any different. That’s why having our Customers support our belief in us goes a lot further than us blowing our own horn don’t you think?


The one thing we do like to blow our own horn over is our ability to allow our Customers to streamline their quoting process to their Customers. Our expert dispatch group will always answer the phone without putting you on hold and they then can provide immediate quotation while our Customer has their Customer on hold. This greatly improves the service our Customers can provide and will improve their bottom line. Not many are able to provide that kind of service.

Ethical Based Business Practices!

At Q C Transport we believe strongly in our success being driven solely by our Customer’s success. In fact, one of our several mantras is “Focus 100% on our Customer’s success and our success will follow; focus on our success alone, and success will never arrive”.


These are not just words at Q C Transport. This is a way of life for everyone. From the front office staff, to dispatch, to the drivers as well as the folks cleaning the equipment after a long day or night of hauling. Everyone is driven to do what they can to ensure our Customers get the service, reliability, dependability and integrity that they require from us so they can run their businesses and become the best they can be in their marketplace.

It’s all about Relationships. . . . . . Well, Isn’t It? You be the Judge!

The Friendship of those we Serve is the Foundation of our Progress”. This is another Q C Transport mantra and appears on all of our invoices to our Customers. It’s not just about the money. Building relationships and friendships along the way is just as important to us.


Q C Transport’s management and staff make a point to get to know their customers and their families. Work is important; however, it all comes down to people. That’s really all we have is each other so why not work hard but also develop life long friendships along the way. The more we get to know each other, the harder we will all work towards our common goals and achieve things that could never be achieved without those personal connections.


We have multi-billion dollar Customers with some that are publicly traded. We feel strongly that what we do is working and will get better and better as time moves on. We hope you will join our family so that we can help your firm succeed as well as hopefully build life-long friendships.

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